Scholarship and Financial Aid

Give the gift of education for a better world tomorrow

In the words of Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. By donating to this program, you will be making a huge impact on the lives of deserving students by helping them achieve their dreams of a better future.

Join hands with Sangamithra Foundation to bring hope and a brighter future to these deserving children by clicking on the donate button below. You can choose ‘Scholarships & Financial Aid Program’ on the payment page to make your donation to this program.

Promote children's education

At Sangamithra Foundation we believe that providing deserving children with opportunities to further their education gives them an equal chance at higher paying jobs and a way out of poverty and financial insecurity. The purpose of the Sangamithra Foundation Scholarship is to encourage high-school students to continue their education into college. Every year we provide higher education scholarships to students chosen from different schools in India who have performed well in the Grade 10 board exam and face economic hardship.  

Sangamithra Foundation also provides financial aid to deserving students who excel in school. This financial aid helps to cover the cost of school supplies and education related expenses.