• We envision a world with equal opportunities for everyone

    Our mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities around the world by providing access to education, healthcare, and opportunities to excel in life.


Golf Tournament

Registration for the 2024 Sangamithra Charity Golf Tournament is now open! We cordially invite you and all your friends to join us for this worthy cause.

Our Goals

Support Academic Institutions

We believe education helps to end poverty and provide a bright future for young generations. Every child deserves access to education to better prepare them for life’s challenges and thrive in this society. We promote equality in education by providing opportunities for children to succeed and develop into well rounded active citizens.

Support children's education with scholarships and financial aid

Infrastructure And Supplies

Provide school supplies and help to build the infractructure where children can learn in a secure and clean environment

School Meals Program

Support meals program in schools so that children can focus on their studies without hunger

Social Welfare & Healthcare Efforts

We believe in equal opportunity and promote social inclusion, freedom, and safe living environments. Good health is important for happiness and well-being. Healthy people are more active, able to work toward achieving their goals and supporting their families. We support the delivery of quality healthcare to communities in need.

Medical Camps And Supplies

Support free medical camps and contribute toward the cost of medical supplies to benefit underpriveledged communities

Promote Healthy Environments

Provide assistance in living a healthy life and building healthy environments to communities in need.

Emergency Relief

Provide humanitarian assistance and intiatives to ease the pandemic or disaster related sufferings